Just Imagine...

What is InvisaCook?

Imagine being able to cook directly on your countertop, without the risk of burning yourself or others.

The future, the technology, the convenience is here.

Invisacook is now WiFi Compatible!

Download the Tuya Smart app to control your Invisacook from your smartphone!


The Invisacook system excels in many areas where conventional stove tops struggle.


No direct heat comes from the device, which makes it safe to use in a variety of venues or situations.


InvisaCook offers the opportunity to use valuable counter space as counter when not in use.


Invisacook allows for a seamless counter top, giving your kitchen a sleek look.


Invisa-induction is faster than gas and electric cooktops resulting in precise cooking, easy cleaning and better efficiency.

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Invisacookware Now Available!

Our flagship cookware product is now ready for purchase! Check out our durable non-stick pan, designed as a perfect companion to our Invisacook.