Frequently Asked Questions

Welcome to the FAQ page, where we hope to answer many of the questions we are most commonly asked. Please see below to find out if your question is already here and, if not, please email us from the main page so that we may answer your questions as soon as possible.

How do you know where the burners are?

Our system is designed with a noise locator, or a device that emits a beeping sound that starts when you turn on your unit and audibly designates the burner you want to use.  The beeping will stop when your pan connects with the cooktop surface.

However, there are other options you can work out with your dealer in order to locate the burner. For example, you may have them etch a spot for each burner, or simply ask them to place a sticker there until you have the feeling for where the burner is.

What materials can I use with Invisacook?

We recommend two materials be used with Invisacook: the all-natural stone granite and the ultra-compact porcelain material (Dekton, Sapienstone, Geoluxe, Neolith, Lapertec ect….)

Do I need to have special cookware?

Compatible Cookware

Cast Iron, enameled cast iron, and many types of stainless-steel cookware are all induction compatible. There are exceptions, though. For instance, All-Clad’s MC2 line, which is made of aluminum and stainless steel, is not induction compatible. Stainless steel poses the most confusion because it can be made with a great variety of metals; a high nickel content will block the magnetic field.

Aluminum, all-copper, or glass cookware will not work unless they have a layer on the bottom with magnetic properties. Many manufacturers have started adding a magnetic layer to the bottom of these pans, but older, non-magnetic pans simply will not work. Aluminum and copper require much higher frequencies to generate the heat needed to cook food.

Testing for Compatibility

To tell if a pot or pan is compatible with your induction stove, hold a magnet to the bottom.

  • If the magnet clings to the underside, the cookware will work on an induction cooktop.
  • If the magnet grabs the pan softly, you may not have good success with it on your cooktop.
  • If there is no pull on the magnet, it doesn’t contain the right metals and will not generate heat.

Note: Many manufacturers have started putting an “induction compatible” symbol on the bottom of their cookware or note compatibility on the packaging. The symbol often looks like a horizontal a coil.

Pan Adapters

If you have an induction cooktop, but a favorite piece of cookware doesn’t work on it, you might still be able to use it. Products like this stainless steel induction hob heat diffuser can be placed on the cooktop under the pan; the heating reaction will then heat the contents of the pan.  The heat diffuser must have Pan Risers on it to use on the Invisacook system but be it will take longer to heat a pan, as it has an added layer to heat through.

Is there anything special I need to do with my induction cookware for it to be used on my countertop?

Yes. We include sets of adhesive pan risers that come with your unit. These risers are designed to raise your pan from your countertop in order to:

1. Prevent the loud noise of pans hitting your top.
2. Prevent scratches from blemishing your countertop.
3. Keep your pan’s metal from touching your countertop directly, which helps keep your countertop stay cooler, longer.

Click here for a video on how to install your pan risers to your induction cookware set.

Can I order this product directly and install it myself?

No, you can not install it yourself, as it needs to be installed by a certified dealer. Additionally, it is not a plug-and-play type of unit. However, if you do not have a dealer in your area to install it for you, our corporate team can work with you and your fabricator to make it work.

Is there any special cleaning that needs to be done to the countertop where the unit is?

We suggest you perform the proper care as recommended by the stone fabricator, as well according to the countertop manufacturer recommendations.

For granite, we recommend you use the re-sealer every couple of months at the cooktop location.

Does the unit need to have any special electrical requirements?

Yes. You will need to have a 220v receptacle for the 4-burner unit and a 110v receptacle for the 1- and 2-burner units. All units are plugged in and none are to be hardwired.

Can the unit be used wirelessly?

Yes. With the Tuya App, you can wirelessly use the cooktop from a remote location.

Click here to access the video on how to install the Tuya app and connect it to your unit.

Why is it that when I have one burner at full power and I turn on another burner, my first burner lowers its number?

This is the result of the burners sharing power. With multiple burners on, the unit will automatically attempt to work as efficiently as possible. That being said, there is no need to worry — your burners are still receiving adequate levels of power in order to maintain efficient cooking temperatures.

Does the countertop surface get hot when you are cooking?

Yes. The surface will get warmer and warmer over time as you cook, eventually becoming hot to the touch. For your standard short cooking time, the surface will not get that hot. However, once you have surpassed about 10 minutes’ worth of cooking time, the surface will be hot and you should exercise caution around the area in use.

How is the Invisacook unit installed?