We all have our own ways of recharging and replenishing our energy on a personal level. And for many, the time spent cooking and creating in the kitchen serves as nourishment for both mind and body alike. So if you’re busy recharging in the kitchen, why shouldn’t your phone? It’s time to optimize your kitchen’s ability to invigorate your life, from tactile cooking experiences to supplementary technological products.


Going Where The Flow Takes You

Qi power technology, aptly named after the Chinese word for “energy flow,” is the industry’s new standard for wireless device charging. And thanks to Invisacharge®, our new Qi charging installation, charging your phone or other smart device is as simple as setting it down on the counter while you work.

From your kitchen countertop to your nightstand or other frequently used surfaces, the Invisacharge® is there to ensure you can charge with ease … and without the limitation of wires or pads.

Enduring Efficiency And A Better Battery

While most Qi chargers only work with an external pad or stand that your device has to come into contact with, the Invisacharge® uses our Invisacook technology to provide you with easy charging capability by working from beneath your counter space.

Additionally, while many Qi charging items will only work through materials that are thinner than one centimeter, the Invisacharge® is installed under any solid surface material up to three centimeters and does not need any additional pads or devices to facilitate charging.

How Does It Work?

Each Invisacharge® unit features a mounted plastic bracket that houses the power supply, which operates at a strength of 110 volts.

But keep an eye out! The future version of the Invisacharge® unit will have a built-in rechargeable battery pack to make the device truly portable for all your wireless charging needs.

Ready to upgrade your home charging capability?


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